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First Dubstep album

Here it is my first album of Dubstep named “Dubstep: First Strike” available on your favorite music website



Please vote for my remix of Tubular Bells

You can vote here:


New free release on Jamendo

For almost 2 years I’ve mostly publish my tracks on Soundcloud but I consider now to give away a free compilation of the best Soundtrack/Ambient tracks I’ve maid.
So here it is, Soundtrack/Ambient vol.1:
Feel free to comment here or on Jamendo

I’m also seeking for labels to release some House/Trance or even Dubstep tracks, so if you can give me pointer drop me an email on the contact form

Have a good listening


First commercial EP available

Hi there,
My first prog/tech house commercial EP, Get Ready To Splash, is downloadable on various platform like Beatport or Amazon or iTunes


Going to the next level

I haven’t made any official release for a long time now just posting new tracks on Soundcloud, so I’ve decided to find labels to release some of my house/trance tracks.
If you’re a label and are interested by one or more tracks just send me an email at and I’ll give you back high-quality mp3 of those tracks.

In parallel I’m also thinking to freely release an hardcore EP on Jamendo



Some news

Hi there folks
Currently i’m not working on specific projects (I mean no album in preparation) but juste produce songs when  I feel some inspiration.
All the songs I’ve finished are directly listenable (and also downloadable) on my Soundcloud profile.
To close this post, here is my last track (I really like its club sound)

I hope you’ll like it 😉
I will try to post regularly some updates.
Stay tuned!